Empathy Horn [wip]

Ongoing project about empathy and communication through technology in future society.

At its base there is an electronic device - a wearable horn. Person wearing it can connect to the horn using wifi. And set the emotion he or she would like to show. These emotions are a set of colors and a dynamic pattern horn is showing. For example, sadness is green and anger is blinking red. If 2 horns touch each other, “emotions” are shared - colors are mixed in a way emotions are going back and forth.

Workshop part, Feb 2019

with Laura Rodriguez, Anna Tsedik, Alyona Korolyova

During the workshop I came up with an idea and we did a prototype showing concept.

Empathy 2.0

with Evgeny Gavrilov and Ksyu Zhukova

Having 5 Empathy Horns produced we did a ballet with 5 dancers. It’s a 4 hours long performance with text, music, improvisation and moments of silence. With such a structure, resembling ancient dramas, it tells the story about cyber-unicorns, new people in the near future.